Oh hi there, how are you? Welcome to my website, I hope you like it!
I'm a graphic designer from just outside of London with a love of creative, witty and efficient design. I've done a fair bit of design work over the years, most of it can be seen in my projects tab just to the left there.
I've recently completed an apprenticeship in graphic design across the brands Mountain Warehouse and Neon Sheep and am currently looking for a new challenge to push my creative abilities even further!
If you're looking around, please enjoy my eclectic mix of design projects! If you've found yourself here looking for a candidate for a design role, I can assure you that Callum is a 100% capable designer for anything you throw at him and only applied to the job because he thought he is what your brand is looking for. Plus he's passionate, driven and most of all humble. I'd know from firsthand experience.
Just below are a few buttons that will take you to something interesting, or helpful, or fun! Keep yourself entertained.

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